I’m Lorenzo, a tech entrepreneur, researcher and AI lead, interested in the intersection of research and game-changing businesses. I’ve built the first blockchain wallet for micro-controllers, and now I’m working on intelligent robots to accelerate the transition to a post scarcity society. I’ve a Phd in Theoretical Physics and I’ve worked mainly in the fields of Quantum Gravity, Gravitation and Quantum Physics. At the core I simply like to explore, for the sake of it.

I’ve a broad range of interests, but in this blog I’m planning to mainly focus on:

-Fundamental questions

-Post Scarcity Society and Universal Basic Income

-Artificial General Intelligence, AI and Robotics

and selected topics in Fundamental Physics, Math, Space Exploration and Tech. My hope is to stimulate discussion and create calls to action to solve open problems in these areas.

This is a personal blog, all opinions are my own.