I’m Lorenzo, a tech entrepreneur, researcher and AI lead, interested in the intersection of research and game-changing businesses. I’ve built the first blockchain wallet for micro-controllers, and now I’m working on intelligent robots to accelerate the transition to a post scarcity society. I’ve a Phd in Theoretical Physics and I’ve worked mainly in the fields of Quantum Gravity, Gravitation and Quantum Physics. At the core I simply like to explore, for the sake of it.

I’ve a broad range of interests, but in this blog I’m planning to mainly focus on:

-Fundamental questions

-Post Scarcity Society and Universal Basic Income

-Artificial General Intelligence, AI and Robotics

and selected topics in Fundamental Physics, Math, Space Exploration/Exploitation and Tech. My hope is to stimulate discussion and create calls to action to solve open problems in these areas. So, here’s my first call to action: if you are working or planning to work in these areas, please do reach out. I will do my best to help out.

This is a personal blog, all opinions are my own.