This is a list of fundamental questions. A resolution to a question is either a satisfactory answer or a conclusion that the question is ill-posed or ambiguous.

Question Category Level Comments
Why is there something rather than nothing? Philosophy Confident THE fundamental question. Requires a definition of nothing, something, existence and reality.
What exists? Philosophy Confident Alternative formulations: 1. What is the nature of reality? 2. What is real? 3. What is fundamental?
Does a God exist? Philosophy Tentative Related: If yes, what are God’s characteristics?
How did our universe begin? Physics Guess
Is there an ultimate causal origin? Physics Confident
What is the meaning of the universe? Philosophy Confident Assuming the existence of absolute meaning.
Is solipsism correct? Philosophy Guess
Are we in a simulation? Philosophy / Physics Tentative Related questions: 1. Is perceived reality an illusion?
Does an absolute reality exist? Philosophy Confident
What is the role of the observer with respect to reality? Philosophy Tentative
Are space and time fundamental? Physics Tentative Related questions: 1. Are space and time emergent? 2. What is the ultimate nature of time?

For every question I state my personal level of confidence to a resolution. The level should tend to go up with time, but may go down as new findings come in. These are the levels:

  • Certain: I obtained a well articulated resolution, far superior to competing alternatives resolutions, in the form of a proof or similar. For some questions, e.g. some philosophical questions with no hope of entering into the realm of physics, this level cannot be reached even in principle.

  • Confident: I obtained a well articulated resolution, superior to competing alternatives resolutions.

  • Tentative: I singled out a resolution superior to competing alternatives resolutions, but the margin is very small or the resolution not well articulated.

  • Guess: I reduced the possible resolutions to 2 or more options, but I have no clue which one is correct. I have a favoured guess, mainly based on intuition and heuristics.

  • No Clue: No known resolution seems viable or I have no intuition about a random guess. Often due to lack of enough research in the question.

Achieving a Certain level on all the questions above is my life goal. Next best thing is a stable and robust Confident level on all the above.

Great Questions

This second table is about incredibly fascinating questions that do not make my personal cut into the fundamental questions table. In any case they are the source of many sleepless nights of investigation. It is possible for a question to be promoted to fundamental or viceversa.

Question Category Level Comments
What is the meaning of life? Philosophy Confident
Is consciousness fundamental? Philosophy Confident
Is materialism correct? Philosophy Confident
What happens after death? Philosophy Confident
Is mathematics fundamental? Philosophy / Mathematics Confident As opposed to created.
Does absolute truth exist? Philosophy / Mathematics Confident
Are there other universes? Philosophy / Physics Tentative Alternative formulation: Is there a multiverse?
What is Dark Energy? Physics Guess
What is Dark Matter? Physics Guess
What is the solution to the cosmological constant problem? Physics Guess
What is the ultimate fate of the universe? Physics Guess
Is infinity a physical concept? Philosophy / Physics Tentative
Is the universe infinite? Philosophy / Physics Tentative
Are mathematical points a physical concept? Philosophy / Physics Tentative Related: Do black holes singularities exist?
Is a theory of everything possible to write down? Physics Tentative As describing any possible phenomena in the universe, within the limits of experimental physics.
How to reconcile quantum theories with gravity? Physics Tentative
Are there extra dimensions? Physics Guess
What is the solution to the information-loss paradox? Physics Tentative
Do black holes exist? Physics Confident Entities with the mathematical properties of a general relativity black hole, as opposed to astrophysical approximations.
What is the correct interpretation of quantum mechanics? Physics Tentative
How many Boltzmann brains exist? Physics Guess
Are we alone in the universe? Physics Tentative Alternative formulations: Are there intelligent life forms outside earth?
Are there non-intelligent lifeforms outside earth? Physics Confident
Are anthropic arguments justified? Physics Guess Related: Is the Doomsday argument correct?
Is time travel possible? Physics / Tech Tentative
Is faster than light travel possible? Physics / Tech Tentative
Are warp drives possible? Physics / Tech Tentative
Are wormholes possible? Physics / Tech Tentative
Can we create universes? Physics / Tech Guess Related: What are the minimum (computer?) specs required to run a universe?
Is a technological singularity possible? Tech Tentative
Is Artificial General Intelligence possible? Tech Confident Related: If so, how to build it?
Is mind upload possible? Tech Confident Related: If so, how to build it?
What is the origin of life? Biology Guess
What are the characteristics of the Last Universal Common Ancestor? Biology No Clue
How does the human brain work? Biology Tentative Related: How do we reproduce an artificial brain?
Is immortality possible? Biology / Tech Tentative Alternative formulation: Can we cure death?
Can we do better than the scientific method? Science Tentative For predictions about our universe. Requires a definition of better.