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Quick post to mention two open lists I’m maintaining:

AI Techniques for the Modern Problem Solver


A curated list of AI techniques to solve problems. No background knowledge is assumed, ideal for newcomers to the field.

As head of AI I’ve been using this list to introduce AI techniques to problem solvers with backgrounds in software engineering, mechanical engineering, electronics, robotics, physics, math, computer vision and more. These professionals are often not aware of what is there or are simply confused by the large number of options. The main goal of this list is to remove unknown-unknowns, to let you know that these techniques exist, giving a basic usage example, resources and weaknesses. From there you can pick and choose a technique relevant to your problem, to eventually master it. I flag which techniques can be reasonably mastered without an AI background, while for others you may need some help from your local AI expert!

Awesome Post Scarcity


A curated list of awesome Post-Scarcity links, books and resources.

Both lists are open to contributions!

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