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s/acc: Safe Accelerationism Manifesto

2 minute read

Accelerate. Fast, Safe and Fair. Technology has been a transformative force for our civilisation and it is poised to play an increasing role going forward. ...

How to Fix AutoGPT and Build a Proto-AGI

16 minute read

Language models powered AI agents are promising, but nearly useless at the moment. I cover what is not working, why and what can be done to get us to usefu...

Robotic DAOs

7 minute read

Picture this future scenario. It’s a busy Monday morning, the streets are buzzing and the robo-taxi you called has barely found some space for a temporary ...

Forecasting Basic Post Scarcity

less than 1 minute read

Another forecast post! Sometime ago I wrote about a possible plan to reach basic post scarcity. Regardless of how we reach that stage, when will a basic pos...

Basic Post Scarcity Q&A

12 minute read

After multiple private and online conversations, I spotted some recurring questions about basic post scarcity, I thought it would be fun to publish them he...

Forecasting the Iphone of Robotics

less than 1 minute read

Sometime ago I wrote about how an app-based low-cost collaborative manipulator may be the first widespread general purpose robotic product which changes our ...

Robotic Kitchen Automation Levels

4 minute read

How does a level 5 automated kitchen look like? I’m sure you are somewhat familiar with the self-driving cars levels of automation, perhaps following Te...

A Roadmap to a Post-Scarcity Society

17 minute read

The truly scarce resource is human abilities. Summary A post-scarcity society can be defined as a society in which all the basic needs of the population ar...

The iPhone of Robotics

12 minute read

The killer product of robotics is hidden in plain sight and may be just a few years away. Summary The robotic space is still waiting for a truly widespread...

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Blog Meta


less than 1 minute read

Welcome to my personal blog! I will write mainly about science, tech and fundamental questions.

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On Falsifying the Simulation Hypothesis

8 minute read

We kick off this blog analyzing the so-called Simulation Hypothesis. The main background reading is N. Bostrom original paper, or you can check Wikipedia for...

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